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Security Solutions

Etad Solutions helps companies in every industry see and eliminate threats, secure valuable assets, and solve pressing security challenges.

Etad Solutions provides the following solutions and systems:

  • Monitoring Solutions and control rooms: Etad Solutions has the experience to combine the various technologies involved in monitoring and make them work reliably as one total solution. There are a lot of different products, platforms and technologies to be considered when we design a monitoring system; IP Cameras, Analog Cameras and CCTV management system, with web connectivity, you access your camera with a secured login to watch live recording of the camera or historical recordings from anywhere around the globe.

Over the years we have learned what works well and what does not. We give you the fruit of our accumulated knowledge.

Camera Management System is integrated with the industry’s first Automated Surveillance Action Plat- form (ASAP), our systems are capable of automated and sophisticated responses to complex inputs. We provide users with a sophistication that was not previously possible with traditional systems. The system accepts inputs such as condition-monitoring, noise waves, and physical sensors that provide vibrations and report live data to keep you safe and informed.

  • Access Control and time attendance: From single store to chain of retails or the whole

edifice Access Control Systems (ACS) is designed to control Access for Employees and visitors by utilizing multiple technologies such as swipe cards, proximity cards, PIN entry keypads, and sophisticated biometric devices, security systems can be designed around existing hardware to provide an effective solutions for a single or multiple sites.

Time Attendance System allows the company to manage, monitor employee entries, exits, breaks, absence and leaves. Time Attendance system enables to prepare a detail report of employees who are not holding up to your standards of employment.

  • Physical security (access gates, road blockers, bollards, x-ray solutions, under vehicles, alarming system and sensors):

Etad Solutions can supplies, delivers, and installs a wide range of: 

  1. Access gates: This type of entrance not only supports disabled access but also provides a comfortable alternative to users such as those who are carrying large bags, pushing prams – or simply older and more comfortable with a wider option.
  2. Road blockers: Road Blockers and Tyre Killers are heavy duty and anti-terrorist barriers that are installed at high-sensitive areas where unauthorized vehicle have strict restrictions for access. They are installed with an intention to block the roadways for vehicle passage and to obstruct the vehicle based attacks.
  3. Bollards: A bollard is a short post used to create a protective or architectural perimeter. When installed primarily as a visual guide, they guide traffic and mark boundaries. … Bollards can also be constructed to physically block vehicle incursion, protecting people and property.
  4. X-ray solutions: scan can be performed by just placing the measurement subject within the equipment, with no need to move the measurement subject.
  5. Under vehicles: uses color area scanning technology to effectively scan and inspect the undercarriage of vehicles to search and analyze images for explosive devices, suspicious objects or contraband such as drugs and weapons. The system is ideal for government, military, transportation, and corporation facilities requiring security checkpoints for vehicles such as vans, tractor trailers, buses, and passenger vehicles.
  6. Alarming system and sensors: Etad Solutions Networking Systems Alarm System will keep your employees safe and protect your company’s important assets. Protect your people and property with our market-leading systems
  • RFID Solutions: parking system, document tracking and baby tracking system.
  • Fire Alarm System:

Safety and compliance of fire codes is required by law, but not everyone takes the proper precautions to ensure their personal safety. If you’re concerned that your fire-safety systems are not up to par, let us send in our certified experts to remedy the problem. 

Etad Solutions Networking Systems Fire Alarm System will keep your employees safe and protect your company’s important assets. Protect your people and property with our market-leading systems. They can be tailored for a wide range of buildings, applications and markets, and our technology and comprehensive maintenance can make your job easier by improving serviceability and saving time.