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Networking & Infra-structure

Etad solutions can provide the following services:


Etad solutions can supply and install all the networking active components from deferent suppliers depending on the project needs. We can provide both industrial and normal solution.

Etad Solutions can provide all the solutions related to Wi-Fi, microwave solutions (PTP and PTMP) and controllers.

Etad Solutions has many partners like Cisco, Aruba, Planet, Dell, Uni-fi


Structured cabling systems are becoming increasingly complex and sophisticated, meeting greater demands and workloads. With emerging connectivity developments in

Hardware and software, structured cabling system tolerances are becoming ever more stringent. A networks physical infrastructure must incorporate security and integrity into its inherent design, as well as the ability to adapt to changes in technology. Etad Solution Technologies experienced and dedicated team provides an end to end service from design to implementation. Etad Solution Technologies designs and builds cabling infrastructure systems that support multiple voice, data, video and multimedia systems.


We implement Firewall & Anti-Virus setup as per the need and demand of Customer Network.


Data center technology is critical to overall organization. Not only it houses critical network systems which are vital to the daily operations of modern organizations, it is also one of biggest investments for the organization. To maintain your data center servers and storage devices, Etad Solutions.

Networking & Solutions offers different levels of maintenance and support that best align to the customer business needs.