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About Us

Who We Are

High Quality Professional Installations is achieved by creative design, brainstorming and Attention to detail. The needs of tomorrow’s businesses are difficult to predict, that’s why specifying the right infrastructure for your communications network is important and critical; the system is should not only be able to cope with today’s demanding internet, videoconferencing, e-mail and multimedia applications, but also accommodate the upcoming applications of tomorrow.

Etad Solutions is professional to build strong relationship with the clients by providing pre services by presenting free network design, site survey and written quotation services.

Etad Solutions is Competitive in relation to the cost of the quotations which is provided a fixed inclusive cost with no hidden financial requirements.

The Project Management is so sufficient and we insure keeping the time frame of the project through our professional managers and restricted project plan.

Our Project Managers are expert of dealing with the customer, the technology and the Solution.

They prompt responses and emergency plans for any challenges could occur during the implementing of the project with flexibility and urgent action plan.

Finally, Etad Solutions is considered as a creative team with efficiency and professional Experience as client you will pleased to deal with.

Our Vision

Etad Solutions providing a professional service in networking infrastructure, physical security systems, and communication standing on high level strategy by mixing the expert’s Staff with new Saudi graduate Staff giving them the opportunity to engaged with business and market to start their life by Rise their capabilities with high level training.
Etad Solutions hunting the special projects with high technologies not only ordinary projects.

Our Mission

“Provide a leading edge one stop solution for all Networking business needs, backed up by a team which is passionately committed to providing an outstanding customer service.”
“Your affordable source for expert service”